Our company offers real estate for sale on the principles of transparency and openness

We are always ready to provide our customers with exhaustive consultations and answers to any questions that arise. Here you will find basic information you need to know if you want to buy a home by the sea shore from Property Partners Group OÜ.

The base price includes "turnkey" house construction, interior finishing, installation of utilities and connection to the central power network, water supply and sewerage systems, as well as to the gas main line

To be paid additionally: state duty and notary services related to conclusion of the purchase-and-sale contract; connection to the telephone network and/or connection to the cable or digital television network.

Property Partners Group OÜ provides a guarantee for all work performed for a period of 2 years from the date of the facility commissioning

Our experience and the most responsible approach to construction allow us to be completely confident in quality and reliability of the houses built. At the same time, we guarantee that all construction work performed, materials used and equipment installed fully comply with the standards applicable in the Republic of Estonia.

How the process of buying a house looks like?

The process can be divided into three parts:


To book a house you are interested in, just call us at +372 56 63 63 27 or fill out the application form. The cost of booking is 2000 EUR. Please note that this amount will be included in the payment for your future house, that is, booking is actually absolutely free. Booking is valid for 30 days. Within this period, we will prepare a notarial obligation-legal or proprietary sale contract, depending on the stage of construction of your house.

Obligation-legal contract conclusion

Obligation-legal sale contract is concluded within 30 days from the date of signing the booking contract. This document specifies all the details of the house purchase, and the buyer shall pay 15% of the total cost of the property purchased.

Proprietary contract conclusion

Proprietary contract is concluded after completion of all construction works and of the plot accomplishment. After signing it, the buyer shall pay the remaining 85% of the total cost of the house. Ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer based on the calculations performed and the documents drafted.